Spree Makes Comfy Headwear

Spree Wearables Review: Spree wearables is a new wearable technology which was presented and features at the Consumer Electronic Expo (CES) in 2014. This is one of the new things for 2014. There are various others but this one is particularly very interesting. This device you wear it on your head and is kind of like a fitness monitor and a heart-rate monitor all in one so it tracks how you…


OMsignal Biometric Smartwear

OM Signal Review: OMSignal is a company in Montreal, Canada that is now among the top developers of smart Biometric wearables. It is a start up that has integrated BLE (Bluetooth LE) into a smart shirt used to monitor movement, heart rate and breathing. BLE is then used to send real time analysis data to your smartphone. The new range of Biometric smart shirts can also provide feedback on other…


Watching out for you

A Watch that helps Epilepsy: The latest wearable technology which is considered as the most common across different technological and electronic device manufacturing companies is the smart watches. One particular smart watch which has been recently launched is the Embrace smart watch which is somehow different from the Samsung or Apple smart watches because of its medical and physical capability of spotting signs and symptoms of seizures and fits that are usually…